We are like a payday candy bar… Just a few nuts sticking together!

This family reunion is so special, like a really great holiday where you go somewhere and have a great time with people you enjoy.  Reflecting on our time spent together, even though we are all connected on Facebook, the connection on social media is not the same. A virtual connection is not the same as a real one.

It is so great to know that I am part of something bigger and having a bond with family, albeit that we are spread all over, as we go through our daily lives, we have in our hearts a special connection to those we love – our family!

Family_April2017_432 FamilyReunion_April2017-19 FamilyReunion_April2017-172 Family_April2017_400 Family_April2017_361 Family_April2017_310 Family_April2017_250 Family_April2017_296 Family_April2017_299 Family_April2017_104 Family_April2017_56 Family_April2017_111 Family_April2017_49 Family_April2017_11-2 Family_April2017_196 Family_April2017_226 Family_April2017_311 Family_April2017_354 Family_April2017_341 Family_April2017_481 Family_April2017_457 Family_April2017_464 Family_April2017_476 Family_April2017_360 Family_April2017_413 Family_April2017_324-2 Family_April2017_322 Family_April2017_419 Family_April2017_282 Family_April2017_245 Family_April2017_185FamilyReunion_April2017-161FamilyReunion_April2017-75 FamilyReunion_April2017-158 FamilyReunion_April2017-73 FamilyReunion_April2017-173 Family_April2017_456 Family_April2017_351 Family_April2017_309 Family_April2017_394 Family_April2017_12 Family_April2017_304 Family_April2017_10-2 Family_April2017_300 Family_April2017_457-2 FamilyReunion_April2017-76 FamilyReunion_April2017-181 Family_April2017_432-2 Family_April2017_353 Family_April2017_301 Family_April2017_10 Family_April2017_427-2 Family_April2017_314 Family_April2017_293 Family_April2017_308 Family_April2017_456-2FamilyReunion_April2017-163FamilyReunion_April2017-157Girls

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