Local cast and crew members from the popular South African Afrikaans series 7de Laan recently visited Ria Abel Home for the Aged. It was a distinguished opportunity to share their love, warmth and feelings with the elderly, solitary or neglected.

They received a warm welcome by the residents and within minutes, they developed a comfort level and started participating – they exchanged stories, sang and danced together. They developed a bond that would be cherished for years to come. 7de Laan cast and crew were very happy engaging with the residents and showed keen interest, enriching their lives with quality interaction.

I observed that even in the basic humble environment at the home, some residents retained a positive and enthusiastic spirit, and found joy in small things. Apart from being a lesson in gratitude, the visit also reminded me that happiness is all about perception and attitude. I feel privileged to have spent an incredibly humbling morning with our senior citizens, the pillars in our communities!

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